Sunday, December 14, 2008

Conceptual Still Life

This is my conceptual still life shot. I LOVE it!

We were supposed to take one word from three different columns (1: object, 2: some organic material/mineral, 3: an emotion). I think it turned out well.

-scrim from up top
-a couple fills (but minimized in post) from 7 and 4 o'clock low

Friday, December 12, 2008

Environmental Studio Still Life

The point of this assignment was to shoot an image of something in its "environment" or give the illusion that it's shot in an environment, but it is entirely shot in-studio.

Mine was supposed to look like a night scene, conveyed by the bluish outside light. Throughout cinematic history, night is always portrayed as blue...'cept mine is more purple lol.

This shoot was pretty fun. This time, Jason Carrier was my assistant. We had a lot of fun w/ it. After the shoot, I shared the cheese and crackers w/ the class. Not the wine, though. Kendall Jackson Riesling ftw! I'd rather have some polka dot though...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Public Relations & Alternative Shot

This shot was to photograph an image for a corporate PR shot as well as a shot defining the individual. The lovely Sara modeled for me and le Judester assisted this time and let me tell you they were real troopers. We were so swamped that we had to do this shoot at night. Despite being us all being tired and cranky, we still had fun.

So enough of that stuff. Here's the PR shot.

Turned out good, eh?

Now the alt shot:

Yup...this one turned out badass!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aerial Photography

So for this one, I took pictures from a Cessna.


I accidentally opened the window by hitting the latch w/ my elbow as I turned around to shoot some trees and scared the crap out of the whole cabin lol. I actually thought we got hit by a rocket launcher or something lol.

Oh yeah, I used a Nikon D3...Nice, but I'll probably be way more into the canon 5D mk2 when i get my grubby hands on it...

-big burning ball in space, 10 o'clock high, bare

Monday, December 1, 2008

Still Life w/ Props

So for this one, I decided to shoot my little MIDI controller thingy. It's not great, but it gets the job done. I really want the vestax vci-100 or even the numark total control, but this one is fine esp for $150.

Anyways, Fallon Hutto was my assistant for this one and she is dope.

I know, DJs are supposed to spin records, and hell, even CDs, but a MIDI controller works off MP3 w/ the bundled software (traktor 3 for me...ick). So since it plugs into the computer, I figured, using old motherboards/circuit boards would make sense.

-Soft box from straight up
-hard strobe gelled, 9 o'clock low
-hard strobe gelled, 2 o'clock low