Friday, February 27, 2009

Phase 3 Mandatory Set

Oh my science has it been forever! I'm soooo sorry about that. I got busy. Then, I got unbusy and had to take a little breather. Now, I'm about to get busy again lol. But before I get busy, I thought I'd finally post what I've been up to. I kinda streamlined my watermarking, too so it was actually pretty painless this time.

Well, on w/ the show:

Brochure Design.
Yes, I need to work on my design skills. The lovely folks at Lorenz Honda were nice enough to let me come in and shoot their dealership. I like cars. I want to make a living shooting for the automotive world. It kind of made sense that I shoot a catalog revolving around cars. It consists of a cover and an inside 2-pg spread.

Like I said, I need to work a bit on my design work. But I do believe it was a real good experience. Beth, the owner, is quite the character...and so is the parts manager. Crazy old fart. :p

CD Cover
This one was really fun. It turned out pretty much exactly like I had pictured it in my head only this one ended up in color. I originally pictured B&W but after some peer feedback, I decided to keep it in color.

Child In Studio
This is the lovely Christina. She was a little ball of energy, but what kid isn't? Well, she was quite the model. She'd have all these little ideas w/ posing that she wanted to act out. I shot them, but in the end, she had to do my poses. It did show in her face that she didn't want to do some of the "boring" ones, but eventually, I ended up with this shot. Kids can be a real handful for me sometimes, but I'm learning how to have fun with them while being able to take care of business.

This is Mr. Balbuena, construction company owner extraordinaire. Real nice guy, albeit a bit intimidating at first. He kind of looks like a political figure in this one, doesn't he?

Family Indoors
This is a shot of a real nice Pennsylvanian family the "Walleys." I call them that because I can't remember their last names lol. I went to PA w/ fellow classmate Paola and shot and assisted with her. She hooked me up with this family. They were all pretty cool. The dad, Wally, kinda sounds like one of our instructors at the school! His speech pattern and inflection and everything! It was hard not to laugh lol. But anyway, this family of Macintosh lovers (yes, we bonded immediately) was pretty fun to shoot. I got the shot in about 11 frames. I guess it's easy when your subjects look good.

Yep. Here's some glass. Let me just say that Target has come up! I hope that one day they crush Walmart. They have decent prices on designer stuff. I was walking around looking for glass to shoot and came across this Riedel Vivant vase. Pretty nifty. The box had it shot against a black background so I thought I'd try white. Despite the plainness of it, it's friggin sexy, huh?

High Key Female
So this is my high key female shot of the beautiful Ilene. She was a real blast to shoot. Such high energy. It was originally a jump shot similar to the legendary Lois Greenfield, but since this pertained more to my industry, I shot my first half-nudie and it made it to my phase 3 final lol.

I could do better. I was strapped for time so I shot a friend's house. It turned out ok. I used the HDR technique and let me say while it has its place, and while great things can be done with it, I'd much rather get it right with actual lights. Nonetheless, here it is.

Low Key Male
Here's Brian, an actual Iraq Vet who came back after a two or four year tour. I can't remember. But this was actually one of my favorite shots of the phase! Despite how awesome this shot is, there are few things I could do to make it POP even more. But I'll leave that to you to figure out. :p


Haha. I liked this shoot because it was another one that turned out pretty much how I pictured it. The leaves were an afterthought...well, not really. Just the minimal amount of them was the afterthought. I imagined a whole pile of 'em strewn about but ended up going with this. Simpler is better.

This is Mrs. Balbuena. Yep, scary Mr. Balbuena's wife. Just playing, lol.
She was a real sweetheart. She had a cozy little clinic that reminded me of my orthodontist's office.

Outdoor Portrait
This is Balbuena Jr (Sorry, it's midnight and his name escapes me right now). He was a real chill dude who was also interested in snowboarding. Does it look like the shot was done on the mountain? I hope so...'cause it was actually shot in his backyard lol. I had him look over his shoulder pondering his next stunt. Doesn't he look like he's farting?

PR/Alternative Shot
For this one I had to shoot a corporate PR shot of someone and then another shot that portrays something about their personality. The shots are supposed to contrast each other dramatically.

I shot my landlord Lou. I loved this shoot! Can you guess what his hobby is?

Product for Advertisement
Oakleys are just awesome in and of themselves. It was up to me to photograph them Sexily.

Yup, design work needs work...but I think I achieved the sexy. Much love goes out to Dick D'Alessandro. He's the man when it comes to lighting any object!

Product for Catalog
Here, we had to do what's called a Drop N' Pop w/ intent to create a background. I kept getting many comments on how boxes are so boring (which they are) but for this one I just wanted to get it done. Plus, I like food so it just made sense. But there's also an explanation to why I just shot whatever came to mind, which I'll touch up on later. But for now, here's the pictures.

So that's it, folks! That's Phase 3! Looking back, I definitely have progressed.

We had to write out these things called Career Business Plans basically mapping out in words where we plan to go with our photography. My pictures don't match my CBP at all. Why? Well, because the CBP was due about a week before the portfolio was due and I didn't realize what I wanted my industry to be until then. I want to work in the Automotive Lifestyle realm so from here on out, my work will cater to the likes of magazines such as Import Tuner, Super Street, and Modified Mag, etc. Not that I will halt my family portraits or anything (since apparently I have a talent for them), but it is my goal...or at least the beginnings of my five-year-plan. And it's not like I can stop taking pictures of people. Pick up one of those mags and you'll see that I'll be dealing with fashion models as well...though not your typical fashion-type models lol.

Right now, we're working on the Additional Personal Submissions which should be geared towards whatever your business plan is. I'm going to try and base mine around the car world. But we'll see where it ends up.

So 'til next time...

Thanks for stopping by!


I kept telling myself not to forget, but everytime I do that, I FORGET! urgh...But anyway, here it is. Big THANK YOU goes out to Paola Balbuena for taking me down to PA w/ her (for a 10-shoot-in-2-days-"fun-filled"-weekend lol). I probably would have got the project done, but this definitely made it a lot easier! And Thanks goes out to Juanita Hong for giving me the contact for my first child to shoot. Basically, she helped get the ball rolling.