Thursday, October 30, 2008

Intro to Portrait Studio Lighting

I had a lot of fun with this. This time I was able to work with Jessy. She was such a trooper putting up with my inability to pose people. Here are my favs.

Untouched again. Keep in mind the pics uploaded WAY muted so no, she doesn't look that pasty irl lol.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New England Life Stock Photos v.2

So while I had a blast with Krista, I wasn't 100% satisfied with the outcome so I ended up re-shooting it with some other pals, J/L-dawgs, Pat, and Ethan. We went to this apple orchard in Vermont and let me say, the world is a pretty small world. The lady who was working the counter is actually from my home town. Eerie lol.

But yeah, the pics for this series turned out better. I'll post them when I can...hopefully this week.

So here they are. These turned out AWESOME! Jude's such a dope model...

You know, now that I look at em, I should've used them for my phase 1 final assignment. But oh well. Guess I'll just reshoot them in a similar style this weekend.

Friday, October 24, 2008

NYC - Photo Plus Expo

So I went to the PDN Photo Plus Expo in NY and it was quite the experience. It's basically like Comic Con in San Diego but for camera nerds rather than comic book nerds. I didn't really get to see a whole lot of presentations (which i HIGHLY regret) but I did come up on some free stuff (the coolest of which was a free 16x20 canvas print). I'll try to post some pics, but I didn't really take a whole lot of anything view-worthy. But you be the judge of that. ';p

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New England Life Stock Photos v.1

I went out w/ my natty dredda friend Krista to shoot this one New England life assignment. It was a neat day. We were originally going to shoot some kids at some rec center, but ended up just driving around Turners Falls until we found some stuff to shoot. We ended up at a mini town fair thingy where we got a quick bite to eat then ended up at a boat dock where we shot our project.

So here are the pics. We were supposed to do a vertical and horizontal representation of the subject then do an angle radically different than the two. Then an experimental shot. I liked these...but I just felt like I had to reshoot.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008


Rich Barnes and Tony Downer Voluntary Mandatory Hallmark Institute of Photography Creative (ohnoes i forgot) Contest

What we had to do was photograph our interpretation of a word. "Leaders" from each group went up and came up with per Kristin's suggestion.

I guess it worked out for most people since the subject matter was so broad that it could be interpreted as anything, really...

My image is about my initial reaction to the suggestion. It was the most fun I've had on a shoot in a while.

On a side note, I went out to shoot a nice landscape today, but my wonderful Leaf Aptus back decided to crap out on me. Oh well...time to troubleshoot...

Hopefully it's a blessing in disguise since the angles I shot weren't all that interesting in the first place. The sky's colors were also flat and boring. Hopefully it'll work the next time out.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Out w/ Jude

So we went shooting today...sorta. We went for our "Fabblesnopff" idea but i ended up wanting to do an HDR. Handheld, 9 shots.

Canon 10-22 winnage.

Now for the real reason we went out:

Basic Photography

Sorry it's so late and all, but better late than never. I kinda put off starting this blog but low and behold, the cherry popper.

School started Aug 20th but our first assignment was issued Sept 8th. We used our Mamiya 645 w/ the film back at this Old Deerfield place. Nice lil' town, I guess.

We had to shoot using our new cameras and light meters (w/o much prior instruction) buildings and people in different light directions. We also had to experiment with over/underexposure. But, since I haven't been able to scan my shots just yet, you're all gonna have to wait 'til I do.


jk jk.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DigiAp + Flash = This

Ok, here's a few untouched images of the homie J/L-Dawgs.

The assignment was to see what happens when we shot flash onto a subject in open shade and in a backlit situation. We had to do certain things like power up the flash but keep the exposure the same. We also made the flash exposure one or two stops lower than ambient and exposed for flash.

I can't really remember what did what since a lot of my exposures came out very similar. Sucks, but I think I learned a lil somethin', somethin'...also, I think I've been really trying to concentrate on posing. I'm not used to shooting people, so 1) I'm hella uncomfy telling people to do stuff and 2) I don't even know what sorts of poses look good anyway. 3) I'm not even sure a lot of my models are down to do most of what I ask them anyway. Maybe I really do have to be like Rich and demonstrate first...

On with the show:

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So here we had to use different lenses (80mm/150mm) and take different shots w/ them wide open and stopped all the way down (big holes, small holes, respectively) and at different distances.

First we had to shoot stuff.

80mm Closed.

80mm Open.

We had really crappy light that day and to top it off, it started raining. I managed to snap one off, but unfortunately the rest of my group really couldn't get a whole lot done. Sorry. But here's what I got.

I think this was a 150mm wide open. No reflector...but it might have helped.

But luckily, Ginger's hubby came to the rescue. This was at Mike's Maze, after a long day of corning.

1. 80mm wide. Teh Yum.
2. 80mm closed. I told him to love the corn...oh he did alright...
3. lolCRNT (we had his kids corn him for this shot. Damn slow aptus captured he split second after they hit. Oh well.)

*Oh yeah, all these are untouched btw. And for some reason, they all upload funny when i loaded them online. The colors look all muted and dull and much darker. :\

Potato Launcher

At Mike's Maze, there was a pneumatic potato launcher thingy. Pretty cool. I tried to get my Event Photographer Skills on, but I think I failed miserably.

I tried to get the potato as it left the muzzle, but I still have to get used to anticipating w/ the slow Mamiya response time. Oh well...

So here you go:

I'd like to thank the family that lent me the opportunity though. Pls check back as the year progresses to see improvement in my work.

Mike's Maze

Corning was fun! Mike's Maze in Sunderland.

Here's the rest of the fun:

These three taken by Jason:

This was a BBQ place near the area. Bob's or something. Not too shabby...