Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Bear - 2011.01.15

I love it up there. The air is clean and crisp (yeah, I'm going to use crisp forever now lol) and I just feel good when I get there. Maybe I'm just lightheaded. :)

Anyway, here's some random shots while walking around with my camera for half-an-hour.*

Cooling some awesome brew.

The bunny slopes were right down the road from our cabin!

I <3 this shot! I want to call it either "Reach for the Stars" or "The Sky's the Limit"

The neighbor's cabin. I loved how the tree casted those shadows.

And finally, our cabin!

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

*Btw, blogger sucks as far as pic quality and color and uploading metadata so you can check it a [possibly] "truer-to-color" at my Flickr. (Look for the Jan 28, 2011 post)