Monday, December 21, 2009

This is the photo boof section of the party. It was a lot of fun just chillin w/ the homies and feeling old; thinking about the kids that were forced to hang out at the party w/ their parents then reminiscing about how it was when my parents did the same to me. ;)

Still, damn good times and hope to see you all again soon! (Better quality vid on my Facebook.)

Oh, and I'm thinking of putting the final pic up for online print sales or something. I.e. Smugmug or some shit. Nothing outrageously priced, but I think it'll be a start, you know? Thoughts?

No-homo for the GaGa-ness of it. :p

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SOHc It To Me

I was rummaging through my hard drive and realized that I haven't posted this picture yet! My bad.

The SOH stands for the Student Open House 2009 at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. We were in charge of the Car Shoot portion of the shindig and man, was it fun. It was the first time I actually directed people on a project. With the help of Chris Myska and Ashley Heyl, we were able to accomplish this incredible feat:

After much deliberation, we decided to follow this Ken Brown joint that can be found on his Flickr. We just changed it up by trying to show more of those sexy wheels, but I wanted to keep as close to the original, that's why the face wasn't totally lit up.

I know it doesn't seem like much since there are tons of different ways of achieving this but since we wanted to have a grandeur showcase, as well as stick to purism, we constructed a giant, roof-suspended reflector.

And here's a tiny (and I mean tiny) view of the final output.

Special Thanks:
Randy Ahart, Michael Curry, Darryl Dobbs, Ashley Heyl, Fallon Hutto, Tiff Marcy, Leland Marshall, Dan Menard, Chris Pino, Mandi Rowland, AJ Smollen, John Stevenson, Mike Thomas, TJ Turner, and everyone lending a hand for even a few minutes. Thanks also to Hallmark staff members Lindsay Ciavattone, Thom Burden, Paul Teeling, David Turner, and Gabriel Hmieleski.