Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revolt In Style • July 2010

So here are some of the shots that didn't make it to print. The teaser digital tear sheet + more explanation can be found here:

Again, I didn't know their format or style so I just kinda went with it and shot with some premeditated styles I thought of while driving to the location.

Photos - Bryan Bayutas (Duh)
Location - Ivy Rooftop; Downtown San Diego
Makeup - Jessica Lopez, A Style Concierge
Models are labeled

I'Risini Davis

Miyunn Jasmine

Andrea Fung

Renee Maloney

Sharona Maria

I had her dip in the pool because I wanted that wet look but her face eventually washed off. Oh well, still looked cute. ;p

Friday, August 6, 2010

Teaser! // Revolt In Style • July 2010

So I got hit up at the last minute (like a day before) with a dope opportunity to shoot for a local scene magazine Revolt. It's a lifestyle magazine centered around the surf, "bro-man", Affliction/Tapout-wearing culture. Good stuff.

It was the first time I heard about this mag and given the time constraint and no chance to research their style, I went and shot a bunch of different looks. Because of this, I only got one photo published this round (besides my little bio pic) but hey, it's a giant-ass page. If they hit me up for another go, I'll mos def know the look they're going for and hopefully, I'll own like half the spreads. ;)

Here's the digital tear sheet of my shot.

SEXY, huh!

More to come soon!