Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Impromptu MTB

Here's teh homie Eric.

1) What started out as a Navy uniform shoot ended up as a play mtn bike shoot since he took forever to get to my house. By the time we'd make it out to the location we'd lose all the light soooo, next best thing...MOUNTAIN BIKES!

2) Since my bike hasn't been seeing much use due to my wrist injury, I figured I'd let him have some fun on it. It's good he knew how to bunnyhop.

I wanted to play w/ split toning on this one. Meh.

3) This one was the last of the set. It was funny. The PP work is based off a Jon Stars joint w/ techniques we learned from our teacher Peter Chilton at Hallmark, but I couldn't find the image to link to. His turned out way better but I just had fun w/ this one anyway.

All in all a successful shoot imo. I was bored over the weekend and wanted to keep fresh and this was the result. I'll get better.

Props to my other buddies Del and Eric for helpin' me out on the shoot. We got L&L afterwards and it was delicious!

*on a side note, I hate how these images upload to the net. :\

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cyrus' Z

So here's my fav shot of Cyrus' awesome Z. The rest can also be found on my Flickr along with some of my other stuffs.

I just wanted to post some of the behind the scenes shots that the homie and fellow 09 Hallmark Alum Matt Campagna took during his visit from Dallas. While he was down here, I figured I'd use his awesome education and have him assist me on a car shoot. Thanks a lot for the shots, man!

So obviously, go snoop through my site and/or the Flickr link I posted, but make sure to hit up Matt's Lightroom Guruness. http://theturninggate.net