Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gerardy Photo - Day 1 @ La Costa Canyon HS

So yup, a quick glimpse of what I get paid to do. ;)

Just a fun lil' "outtake" when it got slow.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Work

So some of you may know...most of you may not know but I started working for a high-volume portrait studio called Classic School Portraits as an individual photographer and as their group photographer. While it's not where I saw myself being right outta school, it's definitely a start and I'll for sure learn how to deal w/ 200 kids/day (on a light day) and groups of them lil' buggers. If I can do that much, then yeah, I'll be able to control anybody during my shoots in the future.

I've been going through training the past couple weeks with a couple practice runs, (one in-house and one school for the less fortunate called the Monarch School) but this week is where we actually do a real school.

I also was able to bond w/ the first set of "newbies" and we'll be tackling most schools together. I'm looking forward to working with my co-worker Missy Islas after the season so we can work on our portfolios. She's pursuing her beauty school degree and is currently learning how get people's hair did.

It'll be interesting season. And who knows? Maybe they'll call me back to work for them in the spring where they tend to do more creative stuffs...I.e. I'll be able to work my Hallmark muscle!