Sunday, May 4, 2008

Before My Journey...

Ok, this was my final for my Photo Visual Concepts at CSU Fullerton taught by Carrie Yury.

Here was the artist's statement:
"Basically this 6-shot series was about how one can accommodate loneliness with material stuff. It's a comment on how i feel right now while attending CSU Fullerton.

I have friends back home, but they don't feel as close anymore. I have friends up here, but they're more of a classmate relationship. I don't live anywhere near school, so with the price of gas and me having no job, it makes it hard to go hang out with people I am not even that close with. So what do i do? I buy things to keep myself entertained when I'm not on my computer playing snes roms or lurking up on various internet forums.

So what I'm trying to portray are the different things that certain individuals might use to entertain themselves if they were in my position.

I tried to approach this serious subject in a comical way. Was I successful?"

Canon Rebel XT, 10-22, speedlights, fams.

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