Friday, April 9, 2010

1 & 1, We're Havin' Some Fun...

So here I present newlyweds Jason and Mary Beck! Yay!

I've known Mary since my AMC theater days back in 2001 and was actually pretty shocked when I heard she was getting married. I didn't even know she was dating anyone lol. But it's all good, though. Jason's actually a damn cool guy and I mos def approve. :) It just sucks he likes Newcastle over Corona. IMO, there's only two kinds of beer that go well w/ Mexican food (which was offered at the reception); Corona and Brahma. :p

Well, enough of that...Let's get on w/ the show!

This was an awesome learning experience. I had to get off work early since I was working all the way up in Oceanside and had to rush through traffic and heaps of downtown construction to get there just in time for the ceremony. I also learned that I really need to get a better on-camera flash. Since I upgraded from my Rebel XT, I haven't gotten a chance to get a compatible flash for my 5D2. I spent all my money on studio strobes...lé poo. So QUICK! Hire me! :D

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