Friday, June 11, 2010

Bikini Week Casting Call 3 Pichers // The Blond Martini • San Diego

So I shot at the Blond Martini in downtown San Diego pretty much up the street from Horton Plaza. Interesting venue. Kinda reminded me of an old 80s Miami jazz lounge for some reason. I think it was all that green mirrory 1"x1" tile and brick motif; a place you might see a tackier Tony Montana. :p

I didn't bring any lights save for my crappy third-party speedlight that doesn't work well w/ my 5d2's TTL. (Anyone wanna donate a nice 580exII?) It was loud and echoy, I couldn't really understand anything any of my models were saying, and it was humid. But the music was cool. I found myself bobbing to the riddims more often than not. So all in all, I came out w/ some interesting imagery. I didn't shoot a whole lot this time but here's what I got. Enjoy!

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