Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic Con 2010 // Gears of War 3 • Carmine Buys Life Insurance

So I didn't get a chance to record the gameplay sneak peak. Boo hoo, cry me a river. But I did manage to record me this funny spoof about one of the Carmine brothers. Basically, he comes into a life insurance firm looking to take out a plan, but is denied since his other bros have been getting picked off one by one after taking out plans of their own. Their bad luck is resulting in the bankrupting of the company lol.

Pls forgive the occasional shakiness. It's hard to hand-hold a heavy, white, L-series lens above brow height while sitting down for threeish minutes straight. The day I didn't bring my monopod. Ugh...anyway, I think Carmine should live! If you Google Clayton Carmine, you'll see a pic of him choke holding a Locust Drone. He's a badass dude, and despite him having the idiot genes of the Carmines, that pic alone shows that he can hold his own. LET CARMINE LIVE!!! :)


Blogger compression sucks so here's a link to a better version of the vid. You might have to be my friend tho, sorry. ^_^


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