Monday, November 8, 2010


So it has been a LOOOOONG time since my last update but let me explain why.

So my first year out of school was extremely tough. I landed a few gigs here and there but w/ payment of "exposure" and prospects of leading to future work. (Yeah, try not to do that if at all possible.) I did have a part-time job but it was extremely hard to make ends meet at the rate I was getting paid + what little hours I was given. The few paying gigs I have done, while awesome in their own sense, really wasn't where my heart was. Over time, after being crazy busy doing free shoots and having no money to pay off my loans and other bills, I barely had any time to do anything for myself much less the energy or the will to do so.

So where did this leave me? Well, I was in dire need of change. Thanks to an old friend, I was able to land a job in a totally unrelated field. Since it's an fun job that pays pretty decently, I was able to divert my financial woes while being able to concentrate on my next move. That bitter taste from my experiences in the last year will hopefully go down easier w/ the sweeter flavor of rebirth. Or a reboot, if you will. Thanks to my job, I'm looking to take a break from constantly having to hassle potential buyers w/ demands for money and just do what I should have done the second I got out of school...hell, while I was in school...hell, since I picked up a camera. That is work on my damn portfolio. I am going to work on my look. My style. My bryutas photography.

Now don't get me wrong, the bitter tasting experiences did lend tremendous wisdom as well as bring along many great contacts, but what this reboot is going to entail is learning. Learning from my mistakes and experiences. I am a pessimistic optimist where I take in all the shit for the rancid pile that it is, then try to see how it will benefit a plant or something by providing it nutrients...if that makes sense.

Anyway, I may post new stuffs right away. I may not. My site will probably stay the way it is until I am able to work some new imagery into the mix. I will most likely have only one set of images vs. the plethora of different subject matters and styles that is currently on there today. What will the next phase be? What will it look like? I'm not sure. I just hope that it's closer to being ME.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave a quiet, humble guy like me a chance to impress them with my imagery. If we had any chemistry, expect a phone call from me some day looking to do some portfolio work. Thanks again and good luck to all those in similar situations in these trying times.

And with that, save the whales. (Is that still funny? If not, I can leave it in the 90s where I belong.)

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