Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Box o' Luvin'

Ok, this isn't an update on Hallmark or anything but just an entry on a package from home.

So I get home for lunch and low and behold a box w/ my name on it is sitting outside.
Mom sent me a big box of junk food lol! No, I'm not a giant lardo or anything but basically, these are things I can't find here in Turners.

-1 large bag fritos honey bbq twists
-1 med bag fritos honey bbq twists
-1 large bag doritos spicy nacho
-1 med bag doritos spicey nacho
-1 med bag cheetos jalapeno cheese
-2 sm bags of shrimp chips
-1 bag nagaraya spicy flavor
-2 bags nagaraya garlic (breath kicks HARD after these...but they're soooo worth it.)

Also included was a package of Zest soap. Strangely, I can't find any here. Weird.

Have a nice day.
Save the whales.

Oh yeah, thanks mom!

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