Friday, November 7, 2008

Phase One Finals

So after a couple weeks of no sleep (and horrible quality sleep), phase one finals are finally over. All in all, 26 Prospect (aka Ethan and I) did pretty well. How the critique went was each section was called up two at a time and had to put a photo up. The teachers would then go up and crit them one at a time while cameras similar to the ones you see at walmart zoomed into them and projected them on the big screens for all to see. While embarrassing for some, E and I were "4/4" meaning that we both got good reviews.

So anyway, Here's some of my favs + they're parameters.

Image 2/10 - Showing Motion

Image 5/10 - Backlit Outdoor Flash

Image 6/10 - Indoor Flash

Image 10/10 - Self Portrait

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