Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DigiAp + Flash = This

Ok, here's a few untouched images of the homie J/L-Dawgs.

The assignment was to see what happens when we shot flash onto a subject in open shade and in a backlit situation. We had to do certain things like power up the flash but keep the exposure the same. We also made the flash exposure one or two stops lower than ambient and exposed for flash.

I can't really remember what did what since a lot of my exposures came out very similar. Sucks, but I think I learned a lil somethin', somethin'...also, I think I've been really trying to concentrate on posing. I'm not used to shooting people, so 1) I'm hella uncomfy telling people to do stuff and 2) I don't even know what sorts of poses look good anyway. 3) I'm not even sure a lot of my models are down to do most of what I ask them anyway. Maybe I really do have to be like Rich and demonstrate first...

On with the show:

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