Friday, October 3, 2008

Focal Points and Viewpoints

So I shot w/ Ginger in Northampton and came across a kick-ass toy store that had UglyDolls! (My sis loves those friggin things.)

This is where we met two unlikely (but lovely) models who were nice enough to pose for me. Thanks again you two! Hope you enjoy these shots. Sorry if they're a bit blurry...a half a second is a long time to hold still haha.

After that, I proceeded with my assignment where I had to take different viewpoints on different subjects as well as break up line and use color and contrast and all that jazz. I didn't feel so successful this time...but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun that day! Ginger went home that day because she felt sick, but I was lucky enough to hook up with some down folks.

Here's a couple other shots:
tried to adjust for color/brightness a tad, but they uploaded funny again. :\



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