Saturday, October 4, 2008


So here we had to use different lenses (80mm/150mm) and take different shots w/ them wide open and stopped all the way down (big holes, small holes, respectively) and at different distances.

First we had to shoot stuff.

80mm Closed.

80mm Open.

We had really crappy light that day and to top it off, it started raining. I managed to snap one off, but unfortunately the rest of my group really couldn't get a whole lot done. Sorry. But here's what I got.

I think this was a 150mm wide open. No reflector...but it might have helped.

But luckily, Ginger's hubby came to the rescue. This was at Mike's Maze, after a long day of corning.

1. 80mm wide. Teh Yum.
2. 80mm closed. I told him to love the corn...oh he did alright...
3. lolCRNT (we had his kids corn him for this shot. Damn slow aptus captured he split second after they hit. Oh well.)

*Oh yeah, all these are untouched btw. And for some reason, they all upload funny when i loaded them online. The colors look all muted and dull and much darker. :\

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