Sunday, October 26, 2008

New England Life Stock Photos v.2

So while I had a blast with Krista, I wasn't 100% satisfied with the outcome so I ended up re-shooting it with some other pals, J/L-dawgs, Pat, and Ethan. We went to this apple orchard in Vermont and let me say, the world is a pretty small world. The lady who was working the counter is actually from my home town. Eerie lol.

But yeah, the pics for this series turned out better. I'll post them when I can...hopefully this week.

So here they are. These turned out AWESOME! Jude's such a dope model...

You know, now that I look at em, I should've used them for my phase 1 final assignment. But oh well. Guess I'll just reshoot them in a similar style this weekend.

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